Simple flame implementation


flame is a simple and imcomplete implementation of flame algorithm.


With some luck, nice images can be generated:


If you want to generate nice flam fractal, you should use a real software, not this one.

flame [OPTIONS] filename

filename is the file to generate. Only BMP format is supported

Options are :

-w, --width integer: image width, in pixels, default is 256,

-h, --height integer: image height, in pixels, default is 256,

-N integer: number of points to compute, the more the nicer image,

-s, --seed integer: random number seed, default is based on time,

-i, --input filename:

-o, --output filename:

-v, --verbose: verbose mode


Download sources and build with:

git clone
cd flame
autoreconf --install
make install

Will create the flame executable.